The Top 5 Catamaran Destinations Departing from Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an essential destination for sailing and navigation enthusiasts. With its turquoise waters, heavenly beaches, and rich cultural heritage, the Guadeloupean archipelago offers an ideal playground for embarking on catamaran adventures.

Here's our selection of the top 5 destinations to explore by catamaran departing from Guadeloupe.

Les Saintes

A paradisiacal archipelago at the doorstep of Guadeloupe

Located just a few hours of sailing from Guadeloupe, the Les Saintes archipelago is a true slice of paradise on Earth. Comprising nine islets, two of which are inhabited (Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas), Les Saintes offer breathtaking landscapes and a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. Terre-de-Haut: Renowned for its bay ranked among the world's most beautiful, its fine sandy beaches, and charming Creole houses. Terre-de-Bas: Less touristy than its neighbor, it offers hikes through pristine nature and wild coves accessible only by boat.


The island of a hundred windmills

With its pristine beaches, sugarcane fields, and distilleries, Marie-Galante is a prime destination for nature and Guadeloupean heritage enthusiasts. The island also presents great opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling in crystalline waters.


A wild and preserved island

Situated between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica is an ideal destination for eco-tourism and hiking enthusiasts. This mountainous island harbors dense and lush rainforests, waterfalls, and hot springs. While sailing along its coasts, you might also observe dolphins and whales during certain times of the year.

Antigua and Barbuda

A duo of islands with complementary charms

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands located about 100 km north of Guadeloupe. Antigua is renowned for its 365 beaches, while Barbuda stands out for its bird sanctuary and turquoise lagoons. Together, they offer a variety of landscapes and activities to satisfy all tastes. Antigua: Don't miss the visit to Nelson's Dockyard, a historic port classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Barbuda: Explore the Codrington Bird Sanctuary, home to thousands of frigatebirds and brown boobies.

Les Îles de la Petite-Terre

A preserved natural gem to discover by catamaran

Located off the Pointe des Châteaux, Les Îles de la Petite-Terre are a protected natural site accessible only by boat. They offer wild and untouched landscapes as well as exceptional marine fauna. During your stop, you can encounter iguanas, sea turtles, and a multitude of birds.

In conclusion, sailing by catamaran from Guadeloupe is a unique experience that allows you to discover dream destinations while enjoying the comfort and freedom that this type of navigation offers. So, don't hesitate any longer—hoist the sails and embark on your adventure!