Free yourself from constraints and benefit from professional management of your yacht!

To relieve you of the obstacles associated with owning a yacht, SAILOÉ offers an à la carte Management service.

SAILOÉ supports you in the day-to-day management, before and after the delivery of your yacht.

We offer luxury cruises with a dedicated crew: skipper, sailor, chef, and hostess, along with multiple water toys on board.

The activities to do during your luxury cruise


Our missions


Our main missions can be the following:

  • Realization of the specifications of your project
  • Construction follow-ups
  • Verification of conformity
  • Registration
  • Selection of crews
  • Administrative management
  • Marketing and Commercialization
  • Technical management
  • Optimization and refit
  • Central agency

Set sail for a crewed cruise

Discover the Ultimate Luxury with the high-end Lagoon fleet: Lagoon 65 and Lagoon 77

The Lagoon 65 and Lagoon 77 catamarans embody the very essence of nautical luxury. With their elegant designs and sumptuous interiors, these vessels offer an idyllic setting for an unforgettable getaway at sea.

Your onboard experience is taken care of by a dedicated crew, attentive to your every desire.

For water sports enthusiasts, the Lagoon 65 and Lagoon 77 catamarans offer a comprehensive range of water toys for an unparalleled leisure experience at sea.

Whether you're seeking a relaxing escape along exotic coastlines or an action-packed adventure on the blue seas, the Lagoon 65 and Lagoon 77 catamarans promise an unmatched luxury experience.

82024 - 35m

OCEA 108

70 000 € / week
122024 - 23,77m


55 000 € / week
2021 - 23,77m


50 000 € / week
2023 - 20,55m


your experience

Personalized support

We offer personalized support when purchasing your boat: - Elaboration of the specifications - Site follow-up - Choice of fittings and equipment - Tec…

Technical service

Going around the world on a boat requires Boat maintenance, electronics, safety, weather, mechanics… if you cannot spontaneously know everything, it i…


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What luxury catamaran do you offer?

We offer the high-end range of Lagoon catamarans:

Lagoon SIXTY 7: The SIXTY 7 is the flagship model of the range. It is a luxurious 67-foot motor catamaran that provides generous space for boaters seeking superior comfort. It comes with numerous amenities and customization options.

Lagoon SIXTY 5: The SIXTY 5 is another luxury 65-foot sailing catamaran that offers spacious living areas and exceptional sailing performance. It is designed to deliver a high-level cruising experience.

Lagoon SEVENTY 7: The SEVENTY 7 is a 77-foot sailing catamaran that epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury. It is designed to meet the expectations of discerning boaters, offering sumptuous interiors and cutting-edge amenities.

Lagoon SEVENTY 8: The SEVENTY 8 is the largest in the Lagoon range, measuring 78 feet in length. It provides vast space and premium features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a spacious luxury motor catamaran.

These models are renowned for their quality of construction, elegant designs, comfort, and sea performance. They are often chosen by boaters looking to sail with style and elegance.

Why choose a crewed cruise ?

Absolute Relaxation: Forget the hassles of navigation, meals, and boat maintenance. Our dedicated crew takes care of everything, allowing you to relax and savor every moment of your journey in complete tranquility.

Personalized Service: Our experienced crew is here to meet your every need. From gourmet meals to recommendations on diving sites, we are at your service to make your stay memorable.

Endless Exploration: With our luxurious catamaran, you can sail to exquisite destinations, anchor in secluded coves, and explore paradise islands.

Don't miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories at sea. Join us for a luxury cruise aboard our crewed catamarans and get ready for a maritime adventure like no other.

What is a typical crew made up of when sailing on one of your boats?

Imagine a dream cruise where every detail is taken care of, where comfort and luxury are paramount, and where you simply relax and enjoy the sea at your leisure. Welcome aboard our crewed cruise, where the perfect trio - a skipper, a chef, and a hostess - makes every journey an unforgettable experience.

The Skipper: Your Trusted Captain

The skipper is much more than just a captain. He is your guide through the sparkling waters, your navigation expert, and your safety assurance. He knows the seas like the back of his hand and takes you to stunning destinations you might never have discovered on your own. You can relax, knowing you're in good hands, with all maneuvers executed smoothly, ensuring a safe and secure adventure.

The Chef/Cook: The Culinary Artist at Sea

Cuisine on the high seas can be quite a challenge, but with our chef on board, every meal becomes a delightful culinary adventure. From preparing gourmet dishes with local flavors to hearty breakfasts and creative appetizers, the chef ensures you're delighted at every moment. Local produce and fresh seafood are his specialties, offering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Hostess: Your Source of Elegance and Comfort

The hostess is the master of elegance on board. She ensures the catamaran is immaculate, cabins are meticulously prepared, and every detail is taken care of. She also serves as your guide for exploring destinations, pointing out must-see sites and ensuring that every aspect of your stay is perfect. Her warm smile and welcoming demeanor make you feel at home, even on the high seas.

Can you customize meals based on clients' dietary preferences and allergies?

We are happy to customize meals based on our clients' dietary preferences and allergies.

Before the start of the cruise, our chef or cook will have a discussion with you to gather all necessary information regarding dietary restrictions, preferences, allergies, and special diets.

Using this information, tailored menus will be prepared to ensure a pleasant and worry-free culinary experience throughout the duration of the cruise.

Customer satisfaction when it comes to meals is a priority for us, and we will make every effort to meet your specific dietary needs.