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SAILOÉ are the official dealer for Lagoon Catamaran Sailing Boats In Britanny and Corsica.

SAILOÉ is proud to be your exclusive distributor of LAGOON catamarans in Brittany and Corsica! We specialize in the sale of high-end catamarans, offering a complete range ranging from 40 to 78 feet.


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11 boats found

424 300 € excl. taxes
10 - 11,74m

Lagoon catamaran

518 700 € excl. taxes
- 12,80m

Lagoon catamaran

499 000 € excl. taxes
12 - 13,92m

Lagoon 43
Lagoon catamaran

686 800 € excl. taxes
- 13,99m

Lagoon catamaran

1 070 900 € excl. taxes
14 - 15,35m

Lagoon catamaran

1 516 600 € excl. taxes
- 16,55m

Lagoon catamaran

2 140 000 € excl. taxes
- 18,27m

Lagoon catamaran

3 108 900 € excl. taxes
- 20,14m

Lagoon catamaran

2 854 900 € excl. taxes
- 20,55m

Lagoon catamaran

4 877 900 € excl. taxes
- 23,77m

Lagoon catamaran

5 431 200 € excl. taxes
- 23,80m

Lagoon catamaran

LAGOON catamarans are renowned for their exceptional build quality. Each boat is carefully designed and manufactured in our factories in Vendée and Bordeaux, France. Our team of passionate sailors works with dedication to create catamarans that meet the demands of the most discerning sailors.

Lagoon is the world leader in the construction of cruising catamaran sailboats. Lagoon has built more than 6,000 catamarans since 1984 and has never stopped developing its offer with boats ranging from 40 to 78 feet in length.

By choosing a LAGOON catamaran, you benefit from an unmatched level of comfort, performance, and safety. Spacious living areas, abundant natural light, and ergonomic design provide a luxurious living environment at sea. High-quality materials, impeccable finishes, and modern equipment ensure a superior sailing experience.

At LAGOON, we take pride in our maritime heritage. Each catamaran is designed by experienced sailors who understand the needs and expectations of sailors. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, from the boat's design to its construction and finishing.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor looking for a high-performance catamaran for racing or a boater eager to explore coastal waters with your family, LAGOON has the perfect catamaran for you. Our range of diverse models offers an ideal combination of performance, comfort, and versatility.

As the exclusive distributor of LAGOON catamarans in Brittany and Corsica, SAILOÉ provides you with a team of passionate experts ready to assist you in your selection. We are here to answer all your questions, advise you on the model that best suits your needs, and guide you through every step of acquiring your LAGOON catamaran.

Trust LAGOON and SAILOÉ to fulfill your dreams of catamaran sailing in Brittany and Corsica !

Contact us today for more information and to start your sea adventure with a LAGOON catamaran, the choice of passionate sailors!

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When the idea of owning a Lagoon catamaran begins to take shape in your mind, you are already embarking on an extraordinary adventure. Lagoon catamarans are globally renowned for their craftsmanship quality, on-water comfort, and their ability to turn every outing into a memorable experience.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in navigating the purchasing process and realizing your project.

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Meet the SAILOÉ Team at the Lagoon Booth during the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle from September 20th to 25th


SAILOÉ at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Le Grand Pavois La Rochelle for all your catamaran acquisition projects


The SAILOÉ team invites you to the Cannes Yachting Show to materialize your future plans for purchasing or renting the boat of your dreams.

Travelers experiences

My purchase of a Lagoon catamaran was a very positive experience from start to finish. From the moment I got in touch with the SAILOÉ team, I was impressed by their professionalism and expertise. They answered all my questions and guided me through the purchase process with great attention to detail.

May 1, 2022

I'm very pleased with the assistance I received during my purchase of a 42-foot catamaran. The team was professional and accessible.

Oct 1, 2023

I acquired a catamaran in 2015 from ACV to undertake an Atlantic tour. I was very pleased with the boat, of course, but also with the support provided in preparing for my family journey. Having sold this boat upon my return to land life, I couldn't resist for long and acquired an Oceanis 311 DL in 2018, completely refurbished by ACV. It turned out to be an excellent vessel for a navigation program in Brittany.

Jan 5, 2021


What is the latest model of Lagoon Catamaran?

The latest model released from Lagoon Catamaran production is the Lagoon 51, and the latest model to be showcased is the Lagoon 60, which will be exhibited in May 2024.

What is the range of Lagoon Catamarans that you offer?

The models currently available for sale are the Lagoon 40, Lagoon 42, Lagoon 46, Lagoon 51, Lagoon 55, Lagoon 60, Lagoon Sixty 5, Lagoon Sixty 7, Lagoon Seventy 7, and the Lagoon Seventy 8.

How long does it take to deliver a Lagoon catamaran after the order is placed?

The delivery time of a Lagoon catamaran after placing an order can vary depending on several factors, including:

Model and Configuration: The specific model of Lagoon catamaran you order can influence the delivery time. Some models are more popular and may have a longer waiting period due to high demand.

Availability: It depends on the availability of the model you have chosen. If the model is in stock, the delivery could be faster than if it needs to be custom-built.

Customization: If you request customization options or special arrangements, this can extend the delivery time, as the construction may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Season: The time of year can also influence the delivery time. The peak season in the boating industry can result in increased demand and, therefore, longer waiting times.

In general, it is recommended to discuss the specific delivery time with SAILOÉ at the time of ordering. Delivery times can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the factors mentioned above. It is wise to plan ahead and take the delivery time into account in your sailing or travel plans.

Do you offer the installation of additional equipment on our catamaran?

At SAILOÉ, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences. Our team of experts can advise you on the equipment that best suits your navigation project, and our team of technicians can install various types of equipment, such as watermaker, air conditioning, solar panels, and more.

What are the financing options available for the purchase of a Lagoon catamaran?

The financing options for the purchase of a Lagoon catamaran may vary depending on your geographic location and financial situation.

Here are some of the commonly offered financing options for the purchase of a Lagoon catamaran:

Personal Loan: You can secure a personal loan from your bank or a financial institution. This type of loan can be used to finance the purchase of a catamaran and generally offers flexibility in terms of loan amount, interest rates, and repayment terms.

Marine Mortgage: Some lenders specialized in boat financing offer marine mortgages specifically designed for the purchase of boats and vessels. They may provide competitive interest rates and repayment terms tailored to your situation.

Lease with Option to Purchase (LOA): LOA is a financing option that allows you to lease the catamaran with an option to purchase at the end of the lease agreement. This can be advantageous if you are unsure about owning the catamaran in the long term.

Before choosing a financing option, it's important to research, compare interest rates, repayment terms, and the specific conditions of each lender. We recommend consulting a financial advisor to determine which option best suits your financial situation and purchasing goals.

Which catamaran is suitable for circumnavigating the world?

To sail around the world in a catamaran, Lagoon models offer excellent choices. Among the Lagoon catamarans, the Lagoon 42, Lagoon 46, Lagoon 51, Lagoon 55, Lagoon 60, Lagoon Sixty 5, Lagoon Sixty 7, Lagoon Seventy 7, and Lagoon Seventy 8 are all strong options, depending on your specific needs.

The choice will depend on factors such as crew size, the features you are looking for (e.g., advanced navigation equipment, enhanced safety installations, or additional comfort options), and your budget. Lagoon catamarans are known for their comfort, performance at sea, and their capability to sail long distances, making them excellent candidates for circumnavigation.

How does the process of acquiring a Lagoon catamaran, from the first visit to delivery, take place?

The process of acquiring a Lagoon catamaran, from the first visit to delivery, involves several important steps. Here is a general overview of the process:

Research and First Visit:

Begin by researching the Lagoon catamaran model that best suits your needs and budget. Contact a Lagoon dealership or an authorized seller to arrange a first visit. During this visit, you can explore the catamaran, ask questions, and discuss details.

Model Selection and Customization:

Once you've identified the model that suits you, you can discuss customization options, equipment, and special arrangements you desire.

Getting a Quote:

Request a detailed quote for the catamaran, including the cost of the vessel, customization options, taxes, transportation fees, etc.


If you plan to finance your purchase, ensure you have an adequate financing solution in place.

Contract Signing:

Once the quote is accepted, and financing is arranged, you will sign a purchase contract. This contract outlines the terms of the transaction, including the price, delivery timelines, and warranties.

Production and Construction:

If the catamaran is not in stock, it is typically custom-built for you. The construction process can take several months.

Inspections and Sea Trials:

Before delivery, the catamaran undergoes quality inspections and sea trials to ensure it is in perfect condition.


You may receive training on maintenance and the operation of the catamaran, especially if you are new to boating.


Once the catamaran is ready, you will schedule the delivery date. The seller or dealership will hand over the keys and accompany you on board for a final inspection.

Registration and Insurance:

Ensure the catamaran is properly registered and insured in accordance with local laws.

Launching and Sailing:

After delivery, you can finally launch your catamaran and start sailing.

Each step of the process requires close communication with SAILOÉ, as well as careful planning to ensure a smooth experience. Feel free to ask questions throughout the process to ensure you understand every aspect of acquiring your Lagoon catamaran.

Do you offer rental management systems?

SAILOÉ offers you the opportunity to enjoy your unit by financing its acquisition through renting.

Entrusting your boat for rental management is, first and foremost, joining a family of owners and a team with many years of experience in the boating industry. SAILOÉ allows you to be free from worries about management and maintenance, so you can enjoy your boat with peace of mind from the moment you step on board.

Managed like your second home, with refueling, cleaning, bedding, and concierge services, it is always ready to set sail, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy..!

This contract, renewable each year, brings you numerous benefits. A mooring space is made available to you for the duration of our partnership. Your rental income represents 65% of the amount of rental contracts, and other solutions are possible depending on your project and destination.

What is the Club Lagoon?

Are you a Lagoon catamaran owner or dream of becoming one? The Club Lagoon is made for you.

Joining means enjoying exclusive offers and privileged access in our partner marinas around the world.

Benefits for Everyone Join the Lagoon community Take advantage of exclusive discounts with our partners Be the first to receive news and brand events

For Lagoon Owners Enjoy exclusive offers and privileged access to our partner marinas Participate in Club Lagoon events and meet other owners Get involved in Club Lagoon and its partners' initiatives for preserving the oceans

Access the Lagoon Club

Is it possible to visit a Lagoon catamaran or to arrange a sea trial ?

It is possible to visit a Lagoon catamaran and arrange a sea trial through Sailoé.

We offer the opportunity to visit a Lagoon catamaran at one of our bases or during our participation in boat shows.

So, you can contact us to obtain specific information about the dates, locations, and conditions for organizing a visit or a sea trial on a Lagoon catamaran.

This can be an excellent opportunity to get up close to these beautiful boats and make an informed decision if you are considering purchasing a Lagoon catamaran.

What are the reviews from current owners about your catamarans ?

You can check the reviews from our satisfied owners to learn more about their experience with our catamarans.

Do you have used catamarans for sale ?

Yes, we also offer used catamarans, verified and maintained by the SAILOÉ team

How is the cockpit of your catamarans designed?

The cockpit of our catamarans is meticulously designed to provide a welcoming space, perfect for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Can you tell us about the shipyard Lagoon where your catamarans are built?

The Lagoon catamarans are built at the Lagoon shipyard, a renowned facility for its expertise and commitment to manufacturing quality. Lagoon is the world leader in sail cruising catamaran construction. Since 1984, Lagoon has produced over 6,000 catamarans and continues to expand its range, offering boats ranging from 40 to 78 feet.