SAILOÉ is a key player in the rental of sailboats and catamarans in Corsica.

Our base in Corsica is ideally located in Bonifacio near Figari.

While sailing, you can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming in secluded coves, exploring coastal caves, hiking in the Corsican mountains, and tasting the local cuisine in charming seaside villages.

Our team is made up of passionate and competent technicians, assisted by our base manager Pierre-Marie. It is at your disposal all year round to make your cruise your best sailing experience in Corsica.

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SAILOE puts its experience and knowledge at your disposal so that you can enjoy your sailing cruise in Corsica in complete peace of mind.  

Sailing, moorings, culture, gastronomy, idleness and sporting activities come together here, in this natural setting that we offer South Corsica.  

Sailing on a catamaran in Corsica is a fantastic way to explore this beautiful Mediterranean island. Corsica offers a diverse range of coastal and marine experiences for sailing enthusiasts.

Corsica has numerous stunning coastal destinations to explore, including Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio, Calvi, Ajaccio, and more.

No matter how long you stay, the principle remains the same:  

A flexible program, prepared together, so that you can spend an unforgettable sailing cruise!

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Our boats to rent from Corsica

We are delighted to present our fleet of Lagoon catamarans available for rent from Corsica. Corsica is an ideal destination for a catamaran cruise, with its crystal-clear waters, secluded coves, and spectacular landscapes. Here are some of the Lagoon catamaran models we offer:


Type :
Lenght :
Capacity :
to bedding
70 000 € / week
2024 - 23,77m


4 900 € / week
72015 - 17,20m


5 900 € / week
122024 - 13,99m


5 900 € / week
122023 - 13,99m


5 900 € / week
122023 - 13,99m


5 250 € / week
122020 - 13,99m


4 600 € / week
122022 - 13,96m


6 500 € / week
82022 - 12,84m

BALI 4.2

4 600 € / week
102024 - 12,80m


4 600 € / week
102023 - 12,80m


3 980 € / week
102024 - 11,74m


3 980 € / week
102024 - 11,74m


3 780 € / week
102020 - 11,74m


1 900 € / week
82022 - 10,73m

Dufour 360

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Corsica offers many anchorages as well as plenty of destinations. Here you can find our favorite places and incredible discoveries.  We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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Hélène & Martin are back from Corsica! ⛵


SAILOÉ at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Le Grand Pavois La Rochelle for all your catamaran acquisition projects


Take advantage of the late season to sail on a catamaran in Corsica.


Weoffer 3 Lagoon 46 from Bonifacio for the summer 2023


Thank you Jean-Pierre Dick for this little cruise among us this week

Travelers experiences

A welcoming team, available at any time and for the duration of our charter of a Lagoon 38. Their keen sense of customer service has allowed us to appreciate the professionalism of the whole Sail Together team. We recommend them!

Sep 1, 2019

A wonderful and trustful experience with Alex, our skipper, and Natacha, our hostess. The boat is very well-equipped and comfortable with private spaces for everyone. We had some issues with the toilet that were resolved by Alex and Natacha. A true Corsican culinary discovery with Alex's dishes... A delight... Thank you.

Sep 9, 2023

Great holidays in Corsica on board a magnificent Lagoon catamaran! An outstanding captain, who listened to us and wanted to pass on his passion. The booking team did everything possible despite the time and deadlines so that we could have a superb stay. I recommend it for a rental in the south of the island of beauty.

Léa B.
Jun 25, 2022

Our cruise in Corsica was a relaxing and awe-inspiring experience. We sailed along the rugged coastline and discovered hidden beaches only accessible by boat. The sunsets over the sea were breathtaking and created a romantic atmosphere. We also got to savor delicious fresh seafood in charming seaside restaurants. It was an ideal way to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Corsica.

May 13, 2023

15 Days between Corsica and Sardinia

• The WELCOME at the base was top-notch - professional, friendly, and attentive. Super efficient. Pierre Marie and his team were effective and incredibly pleasant. Thank you for choosing Sailoé for us. I highly recommend SAILOÉ for a catamaran rental in Bonifacio. The boat was in a magnificent condition. The provisioning service was excellent. The berth in the port was perfectly suitable. The transfer service and contact were flawless.

• Destination: Corsica and Sardinia, with strong winds for 2 / 3 days. Smooth sailing at an average of 8 to 10 knots during trips lasting more than 2 / 3 hours. The Lagoon 46 is very comfortable, the desalinator is fantastic, not to mention the BBQ and the immense solar panel for electricity production.

Aug 1, 2023

A welcome that always lives up to my expectations. Rigorous and invested people.

Piogé Céline
Jan 1, 2020

Thank you again to you and your teams. The cruise was perfect, and the service from the base was impeccable.

Aug 5, 2023

Fantastic holidays in Corsica aboard a beautiful Lagoon catamaran! The booking team did everything they could despite the weather and time constraints to ensure that we had a wonderful stay. I highly recommend it for a rental in the southern part of the Island of Beauty.

Jun 25, 2022

Very good experience with Sailoé, our rental of the Lagoon 42 was perfect for 8 people, very well-equipped (multiple refrigerators + 1 freezer), clean, and comfortable. Nothing to complain about except for a minor battery issue that did not disrupt our cruise at all. I highly recommend this friendly team and will happily sail with them again.

Arthur Pak Leung
Sep 3, 2022

Charming starting point (Bonifacio) and exquisite daily destinations, all made possible by the great professionalism of our skipper, Benjamin. Everything was perfectly supervised and organized from the initial phone contact, where advice and recommendations were given, to the excellent navigation that allowed us to fully enjoy this wonderful boat.

Aug 3, 2023

A cruise in Corsica is an exceptional experience, and we particularly enjoyed the morning massages. Imagine waking up to the gentle swaying of the catamaran, surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean, with the soothing sound of the waves lulling you.

Jan 1, 2020

Great starting point for the south of Corsica and Sardinia. Furthermore, the departure and arrival from Bonifacio are fantastic! The staff is very professional and responsive!!! Big shoutout to the team on-site: Pierre-Marie, Paul & Co. They are available, responsive, pleasant, and provide excellent advice. Truly wonderful!

Jun 10, 2023


Do you offer a provisioning solution with onboard delivery in Bonifacio?

We do indeed offer a provisioning solution with onboard delivery in Bonifacio. This option is designed to make your cruise experience more convenient and hassle-free. You can order the necessary provisions and products, and we will ensure they are delivered directly to your boat in Bonifacio. This will allow you to stock up on food, drinks, and other essential supplies without having to visit local stores. Feel free to contact us for more information about our provisioning services and to discuss your specific needs.

What is included and not included in my rental in Corsica?

Included: Standard boat inventory and equipment, bed linens, shower towels, fins, mask and snorkels, dinghy with its engine, and charcoal barbecue.

When you book one of our catamaran cruises, we ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. To achieve this, we have included various equipment and amenities in your package so that you can fully enjoy your trip in Corsica.

The standard boat inventory includes everything you need for a comfortable cruise, from kitchen utensils to safety equipment. You don't have to worry about bringing these basic items, as we provide them for you.

For your convenience, we also supply bed linens and shower towels, so you don't have to load your cabin with linens.

If you want to explore the crystal-clear waters of Corsica, we've also included fins, a mask, and snorkels. This way, you can dive and discover the fascinating marine life of the region.

For your transportation between the boat and nearby beaches or islands, our dinghy equipped with its own engine is at your disposal. It allows you to easily access the shore and explore the wonders that Corsica has to offer.

Not included: Cancellation insurance, island disembarkation and mooring taxes, consumables (diesel, gasoline, water).

We want to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, which is why we would like to inform you about what is not included in your package.

Cancellation insurance is not included, but we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance that will meet your needs and provide peace of mind in case of unexpected events.

Furthermore, please note that island disembarkation and mooring taxes are not included in the cruise price. These fees are usually collected by local authorities and may vary depending on the islands you visit.

As for consumables such as diesel, gasoline, and water, these costs are not included in the cruise rate and will be your responsibility.

Payment methods: We accept payments via bank transfer as well as by credit card. We recommend credit card holders to prefer this payment method, as it may include additional insurance coverage for your trip. This will allow you to benefit from the protection offered by your credit card in case of cancellation or unforeseen issues during your cruise.

We hope this information helps you better understand what is included in your Corsica cruise package and what is not. If you have any further questions or specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you in making your trip unforgettable.

What is damage waiver and how does it work?

Damage waiver insurance, also known as deposit insurance, is an option offered by SAILOÉ.

This insurance is designed to reduce the financial liability of the tenant in case of damages or unforeseen expenses related to the rental property.

Rental with skipper

Insurance Subscription: When you rent a SAILOÉ boat with a skipper, bail bond insurance is mandatory, and it costs 6% of the boat rental amount.

SAILOÉ will reduce the amount of the security deposit you need to pay at the time of the rental. For example, if the initial security deposit is 8000 euros, by subscribing to the insurance, you could reduce this deposit to 1500 euros.

Rental without skipper

It is possible to take out independent insurance:


Pantaenius offers REAL Security Deposit Insurance!

While traditional franchise buyback insurance covers only events at sea (collisions, grounding), Pantaenius's Caution Plus product also covers minor incidents that may occur on board. A lost sunbath, a wine stain on the cushions, clogged toilets... All these minor incidents are now insurable with this new solution (starting from 77.86€ for a security deposit insurance of 1,000€).

In addition to the Security Deposit Insurance, Pantaenius offers, through its Charter Packages (starting from 175.72€), insurance solutions that cover:

Skipper's Liability Insurance (up to 3,000,000€ or 5,000,000€)
Trip Cancellation Expenses (up to 40,000€ depending on the package, including in the case of Covid-19), including flight tickets. And depending on the chosen package:
Unlimited emergency medical expenses abroad.
Personal Accident Insurance (disability capital 150,000€ / death 75,000€).
Here is a link where you can subscribe to this insurance.

Ouest Assurances

Franchise Buyback Insurance

Regardless of your country of residence, by purchasing franchise buyback insurance from Ouest Assurances Plaisance, you reduce your risk in the event of a claim.

This coverage applies, during reasonable navigation, to material consequences for the tenant, as a result of clearly defined accidents resulting from external impacts on the vessel, with a fixed or moving body affecting the vessel and being recorded in the ship's log.

Cancellation, Assistance, and Repatriation Insurance

If you are a European resident and are considering a cabin rental or cruise, regardless of the destination, you may not think about unforeseen events that could prevent you from going.

Subscribing to cancellation insurance prevents you from losing the deposits paid for your rental in case you need to cancel due to one of the events covered by the contract affecting you or a family member.

Subscribing to assistance and interruption of stay insurance allows you to implement any assistance justified by a medical issue affecting the designated insured during their cruise.

For more information and the option to subscribe online

Do you offer a parking solution in Bonifacio ?

We offer parking spaces in Bonifacio.

This is a secure parking area located near the Bonifacio marina.

The base staff will take care of bringing your vehicles there.

The rate is 100€ per week per vehicle.

To make a parking reservation, a copy of the vehicle's registration certificate is required.

What luggage can I bring for my sailing vacation in Corsica ?

We recommend choosing soft bags for your boat cruise in Corsica, as suitcases are bulky on board.