Luxury cruise in Corsica

Luxury private cruise in Corsica

Discover luxury catamaran cruising on the ‘Spirit of Ponant’, a 23 m catamaran that can accommodate 12 guests and 4 crew members: captain, first mate, cook and hostess. 

Travelling aboard the Spirit of Ponant sailing catamaran is the ideal way for you to explore the natural treasures of the Seychelles, being as close as possible to the destination, and in particular as close as possible to the water:

▪ To the delight of sailing enthusiasts, as a catamaran, the Spirit of Ponant sails mainly under sail, weather conditions permitting (if there is enough wind): with its magnificent scenery and steady winds, the Seychelles offer exceptional sailing conditions, making it an ideal destination to sail aboard this catamaran.

Designed to explore all the hidden corners of Corsica while  avoiding the well-known and busy harbours, the Spirit of Ponant is almost always at anchor: whether venturing out for water activities, relaxing on a secluded beach or staying on board, you are constantly surrounded by water.

The hydraulic platform at the stern of the Spirit of Ponant offers quick and direct access to the sea: at anchor, you can lie down on this platform to sunbathe as close to the water as possible, dive directly from the platform for a refreshing swim, or deploy nautical equipment (paddle boards, wingfoil boards, snorkelling equipment...) to indulge in sporting pleasures right next to the catamaran.

As a catamaran, the Spirit of Ponant has a shallow draft: you can anchor safely as close to shore as possible and sail in shallow areas where it would be impossible to go with other vessels.

When not in the water or exploring, you can relax in Spirit of Ponant's various outdoor spaces, as well as enjoy daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board, on the outside decks: you can admire a myriad of panoramic landscapes, including magnificent sunsets over the water, while being lulled by the gentle lapping of the waves and breathing in the sweet scents of the sea.


On a mediterranean cruise with Spirit of Ponant in Corsica, passengers can experience magical moments and total immersion in Corsica natural and cultural treasures, thanks to a variety of shore and sea excursions organised by the crew according to guests’ specific wishes.

Scuba diving: discover some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world  to observe exceptional marine life and underwater landscapes.

Snorkelling: explore the abundant underwater life.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding: enjoy breathtaking views of coastal landscapes; explore in complete privacy the most secret corners often inaccessible by boat where unspoilt nature reigns supreme.

Deep-sea fishing: learn local fishing techniques from guides and locals; catch impressive trophies from a variety of fish species.

Hiking and walking: feast your eyes on spectacular panoramic views as you venture along beautiful, scenic hiking trails.




Testing local specialties: guests can enjoy traditional dishes in popular restaurants in Corsica (brocciu cheese, cured meats, fiadone dessert, “Civet de sanglier”…)
Meeting local producers: through these authentic encounters, guest can discover local producers’ know-how and learn more about local cuisine in Corsica
Visiting local markets: guests can get a full local immersive experience, engage with the locals, and buy unique fresh & quality products directly from the producers 


Traveling with a local Chef on board, local cuisine expert: to experience the local cuisine as closely as possible, guests will be able to benefit from a maximum of explanations from culinary experts 
Enjoying a real cooking show by the Chef on board: thanks to the perfectly visible kitchen on the catamaran's upper deck, the Chef becomes a true showman, cooking in front of guests to the delight of their eyes.
Experiencing an entertaining cooking class with the Chef on board: for lunch or dinner, guests can learn local culinarysecrets and try their hand at being a Chef.
Tasting fresh & carefully-selected quality products: guests can eat fish & seafood directly caught in the water by the
crew and immediately cooked by the Chef on board (even more direct than ‘from producer to consumer’)





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Enjoy the communal areas : 

- A 40 m2 interior saloon equipped with hi-fi and a retractable 55-inch television.

- Two outside lounges, 15 m2 at the bow and 35 m2 at the stern

- A fully equipped galley (fridge, oven, induction hob, microwave, coffee machine, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, wine cellar, grill, plancha, still and sparkling water dispenser, etc.)

- Two nets at the front of the ship to admire the panoramic views offered by the sails

- A beach at the rear of the ship to enjoy an aperitif with your feet in the water, and to facilitate water sports activities.




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After graduating with a Master's degree in Nautical Sciences, Kévin consolidated his theoretical knowledge with a series of practical experiences with the prestigious Compagnie du Ponant. For several years, he had the opportunity to explore the world's oceans on board the company's ships, acquiring invaluable expertise in the maritime field.

He also embarked aboard the yachts Attimo and L'Albatros, where he was able to put his skills into practice even more intensely.

By working in the maritime sector, Kévin has found a perfect balance between his passion and his work, enabling him to fulfil his potential to the full. He is now the skipper of Spirit Of Ponant.



Hélène Decock is the first mate of Spirit of Ponant, with over 5 years' sailing experience to her name. She holds a Master 200 with a specific module on sailing and a Deckhand certificate.

Her professional career has taken her aboard prestigious Motor Yachts and Sailing Yachts such as "Le Belem" and "Le Lapérouse" (Le Ponant company), where she held positions as hostess and deckhand before obtaining her skipper's diploma.

Having travelled the world for over 10 years, she has proven expertise in navigation and crew management, making her an invaluable resource for any maritime expedition.





Raphaël has a wealth of experience in the world of haute gastronomy. Raphaël has worked in prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, perfecting his art and his mastery of flavours to deliver an unrivalled taste experience.

With a solid academic background, our chef holds a Captain 200 as well as a Cap Cuisine, combining maritime and culinary skills to navigate the seas as well as the kitchens of the world.

Passionate about travel and sailing, he finds inspiration in discovering new cultures and flavours across the globe.

With determination and creativity, our chef is committed to offering his guests a memorable gastronomic experience, combining traditional know-how with culinary innovation.


 Isis Goedert is an experienced hostess with many years' experience in the yachting and luxury hotel industry. Having worked on board various yachts as well as in top-of-the-range villas and chalets, she has acquired invaluable expertise in welcoming and serving discerning guests.

Isis is a qualified Deckhand and holds STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) and Professional Certification Yacht Staff qualifications. These qualifications attest to his technical skills and his ability to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers on board.

Isis knows how to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its guests. Her ability to anticipate customer needs and provide a personalised service is widely recognised. What's more, its varied experience enables it to adapt quickly to different situations and specific requirements.



Here are just a few of the must-see destinations:

- Porto-Vecchio: This charming town in southern Corsica is surrounded by heavenly beaches with crystal-clear waters. Hiring a boat in Porto-Vecchio gives you the chance to admire the coastline from the sea and easy access to secret, less-frequented coves.

- Bonifacio: Situated at the southernmost tip of Corsica, Bonifacio offers breathtaking views of its limestone cliffs and medieval citadel. If you charter a catamaran in this region, you can also explore the Lavezzi and Cavallo islands, renowned for their exceptional seabed.

- Ajaccio: The capital of Corsica offers a multitude of sites to discover on a catamaran, including the Sanguinaires islands and the Scandola nature reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

- Calvi: This picturesque town in the Balagne region is surrounded by sublime beaches and wild coves, ideal for a stopover during your catamaran cruise.

- La Maddalena archipelago: The La Maddalena archipelago is made up of several islands, including La Maddalena itself, Caprera, Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi, Razzoli and other smaller islands. It's an ideal place for sailing and water sports enthusiasts.





Discover an itinerary for a 7-day catamaran cruise in Corsica departing from Bonifacio

Corsica is an exceptional destination for yachtsmen in search of adventure and a change of scenery. Set sail from Bonifacio and discover the beauty of the Corsican coastline on a 7-day catamaran cruise. We've put together the ideal itinerary for you, including stops at the island's most beautiful anchorages and advice on how to make the most of this unique experience.

Day 1: Departure from Bonifacio

Chartering a catamaran in Bonifacio gives you the opportunity to discover this magnificent region from the sea, enjoying its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coastal scenery.

The harbour itself offers modern facilities for yachtsmen, with well-maintained pontoons, mooring and refuelling services. You'll also find a range of amenities such as restaurants, shops and sanitary facilities close to the harbour, making your stay even easier.

Day 2: Lavezzi Islands

The archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands is made up of several islets and rocks, including the main island, the Isle of Lavezzi. This island is renowned for its wild, unspoilt landscapes and exceptional marine biodiversity.

The waters around the Lavezzi Islands are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving, offering a unique opportunity to explore a seabed rich in marine life, including colourful fish, coral and historic shipwrecks. The island of Lavezzi is uninhabited.

Day 3: Maddalena Archipelago

The archipelago is made up of several main islands, including La Maddalena, which is the largest and most developed in terms of tourist infrastructure. Other important islands include Caprera, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria and Spargi, as well as numerous smaller islets.

La Maddalena is the main inhabited island, home to a charming port town of the same name, where you'll find restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. The island is also famous for its historical remains, including military fortifications dating back to the Napoleonic era.

Day 4: Gulf of Rondinara

The Gulf of Rondinara is a magnificent bay on the east coast of Corsica, between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica and even the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Rondinara is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, fine sand and unspoilt natural setting.

Rondinara beach is nestled in a crescent-shaped bay, surrounded by hills covered in Mediterranean scrub, giving it a peaceful, picturesque atmosphere.

Day 5: Gulf of Santa Giulia

The Gulf of Santa Giulia is another gem on Corsica's south-east coast, located near Porto-Vecchio. It's a magnificent crescent-shaped bay, framed by hills covered in Mediterranean scrub and bordered by crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Santa Giulia beach is renowned for its fine white sand and shallow waters, making it ideal for families with children. The beach is also popular for water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling due to its clear, calm waters.

Day 6: Return to Bonifacio

By following this itinerary, you'll be able to take full advantage of Corsica's diverse landscapes and enjoy an unforgettable experience aboard your catamaran.


Don't hesitate to adapt this itinerary according to your desires: if you particularly like certain sites, extend your stopovers to discover them further. Whatever the case, your cruise around the island of beauty will be one to remember!


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