Charter Insurance and Trip Cancellation

The deductible repurchase, as its name indicates, insures the deductible, but excludes the deposit. It is an insurance that is calculated on the value of the rental and avoids having to pay the insurance deductible in case of a sea event.

We offer our own bond redemption insurance in Seychelles. 

It is equivalent to 6% of the rental amount and reduces the deposit to 1500 € / Sails, dinghy and its engine are excluded. 

It is mandatory for all rentals with skipper in the Seychelles and Corsica. 

For other destinations, it is possible to subscribe to an independent insurance: 

Pantaenius : 

This product was conceived and designed especially for renters who want to spend a serene vacation when renting a vessel, and offers a complete range of guarantees:

Deposit Insurance Plus (guaranteeing the deposit paid) from 77,86€ ;
4 Charter/Trip Cancellation Insurance Packages (Basic / Silver / Gold / Premium) from 175,72€.

The Trip Cancellation Insurance is not limited to the reimbursement of the vessel rental, but also covers the additional costs (air or train ticket). The amount of the premium does not depend on the amount of the charter, but on the Pantaenius Charter Package.

In fact, Pantaenius has created a specific product that includes

- Skipper's Civil Liability with a coverage limit of 3 or 5.000.000€.
- Trip Cancellation Expenses from €10,000 to €25,000 (including "Covid-19 illness" and optional "Insolvency of the charter company")
- Security deposit from €1,500 to €5,000 - but this amount can also be increased by purchasing the Security Deposit Plus coverage
- Emergency medical care abroad up to 12.000€.
- Individual Accident Insurance (disability capital 150.000€ / death 75.000€)

Here is a link that will allow you to subscribe to this insurance. 


Ouest Assurances 

Deductible Insurance 

Whatever your country of residence, by subscribing to a deductible repurchase at Ouest Assurances Plaisance, you reduce your risk in case of a claim.

This guarantee applies, during a reasonable navigation, to the material consequences for the hirer, following characterized accidents resulting from external shocks to the ship, with a fixed or mobile body affecting the ship and having been the subject of a mention on the logbook.

Cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance

You are a European resident and you are planning a rental or a cabin cruise, whatever your destination, you don't think about the unforeseen event that could prevent you from leaving.

Taking out cancellation insurance prevents you from losing your rental deposit in the event that you have to cancel due to one of the events covered by the contract affecting you or a member of your family*.
The assistance and interruption of stay insurance allows the implementation of any assistance justified by a medical problem occurring to the designated insured during the cruise.

More information and the possibility to subscribe online.