About Corsica

Meet your destination, Corsica!  

Ajaccio, historical Imperor Napoleon Bonaparte birthplace, offers you amazing cruises options. If you choose to sail to the North, you’re gonna discover Cargese, remote village of Girolata, the “calanches of Piana”, Calvi citadel,  Agriates Desert, while enjoying diversed anchorages each day , in the heart of nature.

You can also discover the south towards Bonifacio and the north of Sardinia through gulf of Valinco, Rocapina bay, and admire the white cliffs, before crossing the famous Strait of Bonifacio to reach La Madallena in Sardinia.

Porto Vecchio / Solenzara, the holy tropez of Southern Corsica, is an ideal starting point for sailing in the great South of the island. Only 2 hours from the Lavezzi Islands, anchorages in postcard landscapes, discovery of the North towards Elba Island, the west coast of the island and the north of Sardinia are yours!

Access is very easy. Airports of Ajaccio, Figari or Bastia (Air Corsica, Easy Jet, Air France, Volotea and many others).

Ferries will take you from Marseille, Toulon, or Nice to Ajaccio, Bastia and Porto-Vecchio, via Corsica Linea and Corsica Ferries.

Corsica, the "Island of Beauty" in the Mediterranean, offers a wealth of natural wonders and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. One of the most exciting ways to explore this captivating island is by embarking on a catamaran cruise departing from the charming town of Bonifacio. In this text, we'll take you on a journey through the enchanting experiences you can expect on a catamaran cruise in Corsica.

Setting Sail from Bonifacio: Your adventure begins in Bonifacio, a picturesque coastal town perched on towering limestone cliffs that offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Bonifacio is not only a historical gem with its medieval Old Town but also a gateway to some of Corsica's most stunning landscapes.

Day 1: Sail into Paradise As you set sail from Bonifacio's harbor, the gentle breeze and the glistening waters of the Mediterranean welcome you. Your catamaran glides smoothly, offering comfort and stability as you make your way towards untouched coves and hidden beaches.

Day 2: Exploring Corsica's Coastline Each day on your catamaran cruise is an opportunity to explore a new corner of Corsica's coastline. You'll visit remote beaches where you can swim, snorkel, or simply relax on the golden sands. The crystal-clear waters provide a glimpse into the underwater world with vibrant marine life and colorful coral formations.

Day 3: Culinary Delights Corsican cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and ingredients. On your cruise, you'll have the chance to savor local delicacies such as wild boar, Corsican cheeses, and the famous Fiadone dessert. You can also enjoy freshly caught seafood prepared by skilled onboard chefs.

Day 4: Historical Treasures Corsica boasts a rich history, and your catamaran cruise will take you to some historically significant sites. You'll have the opportunity to visit ancient ruins, fortresses, and even the UNESCO-listed Scandola Nature Reserve, known for its rugged cliffs and diverse wildlife.

Day 5: Relaxation and Sunsets One of the highlights of your catamaran cruise is undoubtedly the stunning sunsets over the Corsican horizon. As the day winds down, you can unwind on the deck with a glass of local wine, watch the sun dip below the sea, and revel in the tranquility of the Mediterranean.

A catamaran cruise in Corsica, departing from Bonifacio, offers a unique and immersive way to experience the beauty and diversity of this Mediterranean island. From pristine beaches to historical treasures and culinary delights, this adventure promises an unforgettable journey through Corsica's wonders. So, set your sails and embark on a voyage of a lifetime in the heart of the Mediterranean.