Convoyage Maldives - Seychelles : The logbook of 77 !

A few weeks ago, our SAILOÉ sailors transferred our magnificent Lagoon 77 MANE & NOCTE!


 Here is their logbook!


After arriving in Malé, in the Maldives, our team embarked for 10 days on the open sea! 


The boat is ready, the sailors too... the fishing is good at this time of the year in the Indian Ocean, a beautiful marlin, enough to improve everyone's daily life. 


The first sunsets are breathtaking, the weather is good and the sea is beautiful.


The first days of sailing pass and the team remains in a jovial mood despite the thirdness! 


The fish never stop coming, which makes our sailors very happy!


The sky rumbles, clears up before becoming threatening, but it always ends up letting the light through.


The arrival on land makes the team members dream, the first birds are seen by some... The Seychelles are not far away.


The Seychelles archipelago, made up of 115 islands, each more paradisiacal than the last, is here, the team has made it!


After 10 days at sea, setting foot on land is good for some and still strange for others... 


They meet up with the Seychelles SAILOÉ team and enjoy the last sunsets before heading back to France! 


Congratulations and thank you to them for this trip, you can now find the Lagoon 77 for charter on our Seychelles base.