Unveiling the Unprecedented Twin Concept: LAGOON SIXTY 5 "REVE BLEU" Sail Catamaran with Complimentary Access to MED 42


Experience the ultimate freedom in nautical exploration with the unique twin concept featuring the LAGOON SIXTY 5 "REVE BLEU" sail catamaran, accompanied by the luxurious MED 42 "REVE BLEU MED" chase boat. This exclusive package offers a premium, elitist experience, combining the art de vivre à la française, 100% MADE IN FRANCE, and a focus on luxury, comfort, and excellence in service.

The LAGOON SIXTY 5 is a yacht that proudly represents the high-end sailing world, providing optimal comfort, spaciousness, and natural light. With its impressive dimensions, it offers an elegant and refined living space, akin to a "villa" on the water. The vessel boasts 200 m² of habitable space, including a 21 m² Master suite, ensuring unparalleled luxury and comfort. The MED 42 chase boat complements this experience, drawing inspiration from the most luxurious day-boats in the world.

Immerse yourself in the French way of life, from the fabrication and flag to the French crew on board. Indulge in the finest French gastronomy and enjoy personalized, top-notch service, provided by a discreet crew of four dedicated professionals who will cater to your every desire.

Embrace a responsible approach to marine environments and embark on a journey to discover pristine destinations. Travel in a way that preserves the beauty of untouched sites while enjoying the luxurious amenities and services offered by REVE BLEU.

Each boat is equipped with a dedicated skipper, ensuring independence and flexibility in crafting personalized itineraries. With the presence of experienced professionals, your safety is prioritized, allowing you to fully enjoy an unforgettable adventure on board REVE BLEU.

The package includes the complimentary use of the MED 42 chase boat and a professional crew of four members, consisting of a SIXTY 5 skipper, a deckhand/stewardess, a chef, and a MED 42 skipper. A wide range of water sports equipment and recreational activities such as water skiing, seabobs, wakeboarding, fishing gear, and more are also provided. Additionally, guests have access to various amenities, including a printer, WiFi, linens, towels, cleaning services, and a selection of coffee, tea, local products, and kitchen supplies. Indulge in a bar featuring a selection of aged and flavored rums, and enjoy daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparations.

Choose from two dream destinations: the Mediterranean (Corsica, Sardinia) during the summer or the Caribbean during the winter. Create unforgettable memories as you navigate through turquoise and crystalline waters, while the experienced crew attends to your every need.

Book your next luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean on board REVE BLEU and its accompanying chase boat, REVE BLEU MED, this winter. Alternatively, summer reservations are also available upon request. Experience a unique concept that combines elegance, sobriety, and a dedication to providing exceptional services. Let REVE BLEU be the vessel that carries you into an unparalleled dream vacation.