Useful infos

Boarding Procedures


3:00 PM

This is the time when the boat will be at your disposal. Welcome, formalities, and navigation instructions will be provided on board. If the boat is ready earlier, we will call you for an early departure. Upon your arrival, we can advise you on places to visit, authorized anchorages, beaches, bars, restaurants, etc.

Formalities / Security Deposit The amount of the security deposit, as indicated in your rental contract, depends on the boat model. The security deposit will be taken by credit card imprint on the day of departure. Please make sure to check your payment limits with your bank. For rentals without a skipper, we strongly recommend subscribing to the franchise buyback option through our partner

Subscribing to the franchise buyback option does not exempt you from providing a security deposit through a non-debited pre-authorization on your credit card.

Boat Briefing Detailed technical explanations about the boat will be provided. It's advisable to have two people present for these explanations. Entering and leaving the port will only be done by the renter.

Navigation Instructions Routes and anchorages will be recommended with marine charts of the navigation area. Hazards or specificities will also be pointed out, along with any necessary information or advice for the smooth progress of your cruise. The 4-day weather forecast will be provided, as well as comments on the day's conditions. The weather bulletin will also be available at the port's harbormaster's office. Feel free to download navigation aid applications on your smartphone, such as Navionics for marine charts, Navily for anchorages, and Windy for weather.

Bedding and Cleaning Fees We provide bed and bath linens (sheets, pillowcases, bath towels), which are payable directly on-site (bedding package), but not beach towels. A mandatory end-of-cruise cleaning package is required (price depends on the boat model) and should be paid on-site. However, we kindly ask you to return the boat in a proper condition, tidied up, dishes done, trash emptied (refer to Article 8.E of the rental contract).


You will find several examples of itineraries and assistance to prepare for your catamaran rental in Corsica.


During Navigation Breakdown and Assistance

If you encounter technical issues that you cannot resolve, feel free to call Pierre-Marie at at any time. He will arrange to assist you as quickly as possible. Leave a message or send a text if the line is temporarily unreachable.


Regular maintenance of the logbook is required by maritime authorities and the boat's insurer in case of an accident. We will collect it at the end of the cruise.

Rental with Skipper

The skipper is responsible for navigation: they assume the technical control of the boat and will be held liable for damages that may occur in the course of their services. The renter retains legal custody of the vessel and will be held responsible for damages to the boat caused by its use.

In Case of Damage Any damage must be reported to the base as soon as possible to inform the boat's insurer and to take appropriate measures. A sea report detailing the facts must be established by the captain. In accordance with the terms of the contract signed by the renter, please be reminded that the renter – assumes the legal and regulatory obligations regarding the captain, – certifies to have the capacity to control or have the rented boat controlled.