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A wonderful time during our catamaran rental! We got to see beautiful places accompanied by the rich history of Corsica. I highly recommend it for a great family time. Until next time!

Marc, Aug 2024


Renting a catamaran for a week with 9 people! The agency was truly excellent, the team was very pleasant, accommodating, and available! The Lagoon 380 is fantastic!

Alice, Jul 2024


We were delighted with our week of sailing. This experience destroyed all the preconceptions we had about catamarans! What a discovery! Going back to a monohull for the holidays will be difficult 😅! We are actually thinking of booking for 2025. We are waiting for the confirmation of the school holidays and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elisa and Andries, Jun 2024


I wanted to express my complete satisfaction with both you and the entire Sailoé team at the Bonifacio base. The kindness, welcome, and professionalism of everyone who received us truly made us happy. In any case, a big BRAVO and THANK YOU 😅

Olivier, Jun 2024


Unforgettable vacation! Our rental of the Lagoon 42 will leave us with wonderful memories for a long time – breathtaking landscapes, a comfortable boat, and a paddle that the children enjoyed greatly! I recommend Sailoé 100%.

Édouard H, Jun 2024


Super cruise!!! Alexandre's welcome was great! The Lagoon 380 was perfectly prepared! The location at the pontoon was extra.
A delight to sail with the 380 to visit the islands of Guadeloupe! We'd definitely do it again!

Pascal C, Apr 2024


I wanted to thank you for the service and Cedric and Anne Marie.
I couldn't do it sooner. I had to go back to Brittany.
We are very happy with our stay and the boat.
My mates who knew neither the catamaran nor the Grenadines (except for Pierre).
have extraordinary memories of this holiday.
A big thank you to the whole team
Good continuation and good luck for the future.

Richard (Paris), Mar 2024


Sailoé is a newcomer to Guadeloupe and a very professional charter company that I highly recommend. They have some very beautiful, very recent and well-maintained catamarans on site. Martin is very professional and gives good advice, as does the fleet manager on site. Thank you to the whole Sailoé team.

Maxime L, Mar 2024


We had a great time and really enjoyed the boat and the welcome you gave us. We'll be back with pleasure!

Quentin P., Feb 2024


Thank you to the entire Sailoé team who, throughout our holiday, from preparation to our departure from the base, met all our expectations with diligence and courtesy. The boat was in very good condition, clean and Alexandre's advice was pertinent. As a regular boat charterer for several decades, this week's charter was certainly the one where the service provided was of the highest quality. Many thanks to Sailoé, whom I recommend for your next rentals.

Alain P, Feb 2024


Swimming with dolphins at Grande Anse. Adorable crew (skipper Dany and hostess Nadège) who were extremely tactful and always wanted to please us, both in their choice of anchorages and in the way they adapted the cuisine to our tastes. They both contributed to the success of our holiday and we thank them warmly for that.

Karine L, Feb 2024


Very nice Cruise in all Inclusive of 15 days.
I was the only one who liked the boat, my wife and daughter weren't completely on board... They loved it.
Skipper and cook very attentive.
We discovered sublime places.
Continental and Creole food, fish and lobster on the BBQ.
I will come back in 2 years, to leave from the Blue Lagoon base in St Vincent, which is 1h30 away from the Grenadines.
Very nice memories and an amazing preparation before our cruise.
Thanks to the whole team for these 15 days of dream.

Semir (Canada), Jan 2024