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Our customers have been impressed by our attentive approach, personalized service, and expertise in the field of navigation. They have relied on our dedicated team to meet their specific needs, whether it's finding the perfect boat for an unforgettable cruise or obtaining insightful advice for catamaran purchases.

In their testimonials, our customers share their thoughts on the quality of our services, the reliability of our vessels, the friendliness of our team, and overall satisfaction with their experience with us. Their words reflect our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch services and creating memorable moments on the water.

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I'm very pleased with the assistance I received during my purchase of a 42-foot catamaran. The team was professional and accessible.

Marie, Oct 2023


My purchase of a Lagoon catamaran was a very positive experience from start to finish. From the moment I got in touch with the SAILOÉ team, I was impressed by their professionalism and expertise. They answered all my questions and guided me through the purchase process with great attention to detail.

Sylvain, May 2022


For about a decade now, I have been renting from Sailoé (Lorient and Seychelles) on various types of vessels for several weeks each year: Archambault, Pogo, Oléa, First 31.7 to 45, Lagoon, and more. Stéphane and his team are sailing enthusiasts, whether it's racing or cruising. We have learned a great deal from them, never hesitating to seek advice on various aspects such as adjustments, safety, navigation, anchoring, weather, and more. Our conversations are always empathetic, free from judgment.

Regarding their fleet, we have never encountered any issues: the boats are exceptionally clean and technically flawless. I recommend Sailoé to all my acquaintances with full confidence. Stéphane offers numerous solutions even in the event of last-minute changes. Looking forward to next Friday! 😉

Brice, May 2021


As part of our participation in Transquadra 2017, we were in search of a boat that aligned with our project: simple, efficient, and reasonable. From the very first interactions with Stéphane and his team, we experienced attentive listening and valuable advice, which led us to choose an A31. The Sailoé team supported us throughout our preparation, and we never regretted our decision. It was a genuine pleasure to benefit from their experience. Want proof? I'm setting sail with the same boat in Cap Martinique 2021...

Regis, Feb 2021


When considering our first cruising boat purchase, we quickly set our sights on a Lagoon 42, and we reached out to several dealers. Going beyond the mere transaction, Stéphane was the sole person who genuinely delved into our travel aspirations, guiding us effectively through the option selection process. A bona fide trusted partner, he proposed and seamlessly installed equipment that aligned with our project and budget. From our initial interaction to the moment of delivery, ACV transformed our acquisition of the Lagoon 42 into the materialization of our dreams, devoid of stress and brimming with unwavering confidence, even with a distance of over 1200 km in between."
Alban & Sarah - Sailing Ti'Ama - Lagoon 42 - 2019, Owner's Version.

Alban & Sarah - Sailing Ti'Ama, Feb 2021


In search of our first sailboat, a catamaran, for family sailing with 2 young children, we needed advice and guidance. We were able to visit several pre-owned Lagoon models at ACV to validate our choice. ACV guided us through the process, ultimately allowing us to exceed our initial project. We are now very pleased with both the boat choice and the ongoing support we can receive from the ACV team.
G.K. LAGOON 410"

GAUTHIER K, Jan 2021


From experience, the choice of a dealership for purchasing a new boat should be based on the after-sales service, as it is crucial to the boat's delivery. Indeed, during the first few years, fine-tuning the boat will reveal numerous minor to major issues that will require intervention. From this perspective, we couldn't have found a better match than the ACV team, who spared no effort in resolving problems, combining effectiveness with a smile. Many thanks to them."

Best regards,

Gildas, Jan 2021


For almost ten years, we have been renting monohulls and catamarans with ACV every summer as a family. When we decided to purchase a catamaran for our family's world tour and after visiting several boat shows, we learned that ACV had become a Lagoon dealer. Our choice naturally fell on ACV for a Lagoon 450s. Upon delivery in 2019 and for nearly three months, the ACV team prepared our future home according to our requirements and their advice: water desalination system, solar panels, wind turbine, downwind sails, dinghy and outboard, offshore equipment, and more.

Today, almost two years after our departure, we are in the Tuamotus, and we do not regret our choice of model, dealer, and technical choices made with simplicity in mind, because on the other side of the world, a minor technical issue can quickly become a major problem.


SOFIENE, Jan 2021


As part of our family's long cruise project, we allowed ourselves to be guided, advised, and trained by the ACV team. We set sail in 2018 with a new Lagoon 42 purchased through leasing. Throughout our adventure, they were always responsive to our after-sales requests (which were few in reality). With our journey concluded by the end of 2020, they are still by our side for the delivery and resale of the boat.- Alice and Sébastien.



I went through ACV/SAILOE for the purchase of an A31, in preparation for the Transquadra 2018. Stéphane Bariou and his entire team found us an exceptional second-hand boat, brought it back to a like-new condition, and supported us throughout our project with great professionalism.



I acquired a catamaran in 2015 from ACV to undertake an Atlantic tour. I was very pleased with the boat, of course, but also with the support provided in preparing for my family journey. Having sold this boat upon my return to land life, I couldn't resist for long and acquired an Oceanis 311 DL in 2018, completely refurbished by ACV. It turned out to be an excellent vessel for a navigation program in Brittany.

Philippe, Jan 2021


We have purchased a Lagoon 42 for a major travel project. Choosing a distributor isn't easy; they all promise to address your needs before purchase. After a positive interaction, we placed our trust in Acv and their entire team. They prepared our boat for us, just as we wanted. Currently in the Caribbean, we are thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks to Stéphane and his entire team. Michel and Elsa, Lagoon 42 "KOILA".

Michel, Dec 2020