5 Benefits of a Sea Voyage on Health


Going on vacation is always beneficial for our mental and physical health. Whether you choose to spend a few days at the beach, in the mountains, or even in a bustling city, the benefits are numerous. Among all the possible options, a sea voyage to Corsica or the Seychelles offers specific advantages that you will discover here.

Improved Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

The feeling of heaviness and swelling in the hands and feet is often caused by poor blood and lymphatic circulation, especially when temperatures soar. Daily walks on the beach or along the shore help stimulate this circulation while enjoying a pleasant time by the water. Additionally, the iodine present in the sea air also has beneficial effects on circulation.

Practical Tips: Exercises and techniques to boost circulation during the journey

Take a daily walk at low tide to enjoy the benefits of walking on wet sand.
Regularly practice stretches and self-massage to relax muscles and feel lighter.
Spend 10 minutes with your legs against the wall to promote venous return.
Reduced Stress and Improved Sleep

It is proven that the sound of the waves and sea air have a relaxing effect on our bodies. Furthermore, during a sea voyage, we tend to use our electronic devices less, which limits cognitive stimulation and facilitates falling asleep. Sea vacations are, therefore, an excellent opportunity to rest and take care of your sleep.

Practical Tips: Adopting habits beneficial for relaxation and sleep

Allocate time for reading or meditation by the sea.
Try to limit the use of the phone and other screens before bedtime.
Sun Exposure for Boosting Vitamin D

Spending time outdoors and exposing yourself to the sun allows our bodies to synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for our immune system and bone health. Of course, it is essential to protect yourself with suitable sunscreen and avoid exposure during the hottest hours of the day.

Practical Tips: Enjoying the sun safely

Favor morning or late afternoon exposure (before 11 am and after 4 pm).
Protect yourself with a quality cap and sunglasses.
Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.
Engaging in Water Sports

A sea voyage is the ideal opportunity to engage in sports activities that challenge the body while having fun. Whether it's sailing, surfing, kayaking, or even scuba diving, the possibilities are vast and help improve our physical condition.

Practical Tips: Choose your water activity according to your desires

Inquire about local equipment and training available.
Start with private or group lessons to ensure safe practices.
Strengthening the Immune System with Saltwater

Sea water is rich in beneficial trace elements and minerals for our health. Thalassotherapy, in particular, helps tone our bodies, boost our immune system, and promote our psychological well-being.

Practical Tips: Enjoying the benefits of seawater

Regularly swim in the sea to absorb its beneficial elements.
Consider a thalassotherapy treatment if your vacation destination has a dedicated facility.
In conclusion, a sea voyage offers numerous health and well-being benefits. Escaping to this privileged environment, far from daily life, creates a true haven of serenity conducive to rejuvenation and balance. A cruise to the Seychelles is the ideal activity to achieve this.

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