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The choice of a cruise ship is crucial to ensure a memorable experience during your trip to the Seychelles, and the Lagoon 46 is an exceptional option for those looking to explore the crystal-clear waters of this paradisiacal archipelago. If you are planning a cruise departing from Mahé, the largest island in the Seychelles, the Lagoon 46 is one of the best available choices.

The Lagoon 46: A Jewel of Comfort and Elegance

The Lagoon 46 is the result of Lagoon's craftsmanship, one of the most renowned catamaran builders in the world. This cruise ship embodies elegance and comfort, offering passengers a luxurious experience while allowing them to get closer to nature in the Seychelles. Here are some of its exceptional features:

Spacious Living Areas: The Lagoon 46 is designed to maximize living space on board. With well-appointed cabins, a spacious lounge, and a fully equipped kitchen, it offers a level of comfort comparable to that of a luxury villa.

Stability and Maneuverability: As a catamaran, the Lagoon 46 provides great stability at sea, which is particularly important when navigating the sometimes choppy waters of the Seychelles. Additionally, it is easy to maneuver, making it an excellent choice for both experienced sailors and novices.

Spectacular Foredeck: The foredeck of the Lagoon 46 is a must-visit space for relaxation and admiring the scenery. It is equipped with plush cushions where you can lounge while enjoying the sun and sea breeze.

Silent Navigation: The Lagoon 46 is equipped with quiet engines that minimize noise disturbances, allowing you to fully enjoy the tranquility of the ocean.

Exploring the Seychelles from Mahé

Mahé, as the largest island in the Seychelles, is the ideal starting point for a cruise to discover this enchanting archipelago. By embarking from Mahé aboard the Lagoon 46, you can explore various islands and secluded beaches at your own pace. Here are some of the must-visit destinations you can explore from Mahé:

Praslin: This island is home to the famous Vallée de Mai, where you can admire the coco de mer, an iconic palm tree species of the Seychelles.

La Digue: Explore its pristine white sandy beaches, such as Anse Source d'Argent, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Curieuse: Visit Curieuse's national park to observe giant tortoises and enjoy hiking trails.

Cousin: This island is a paradise for amateur ornithologists, with a wide variety of tropical birds.

Aride: Discover the unique fauna and flora of this nature reserve, including some of the rarest bird species in the world.

If you are planning a cruise to the Seychelles from Mahé, the Lagoon 46 is an outstanding choice for a luxurious, comfortable, and unforgettable adventure. With its cutting-edge features and the ability to take you to the most remote and beautiful corners of the archipelago, this catamaran will help you create lasting memories during your trip to the Seychelles.

Feel free to contact SAILOÉ for information on renting this magnificent boat, and prepare for an extraordinary nautical adventure in one of the most enchanting places on the planet.

  • Building year : 2023
  • Type : Saling c catamaran
  • Lenght : 13,99m
  • Width : 7,96m
  • Draught : 1.35
  • Lest type : Keeling boat, Small draught
  • Yacht category : A
  • Security : Coastal
  • Flag : Francais
  • Bedding : 12
  • Squarish beds : 2
  • Single-bed cabin : 2
  • Cabins : 4
  • Double-bed cabin : 4
  • Bathroom : 4
  • Water Tank : 2 x 300 l
  • Fuel Tank : 2 x 520 l
  • Engine : x2 Inboard, Sail Drive, Yanmar
Sail equipement
  • MS Full Batten
  • Furling Genoa
  • Navigation control panel
  • Loch
  • Speedo
  • Sonar
  • Weather vane
  • Anemometer
  • Autopilot
  • Charger
  • 220V Circuit
  • 12V Circuit
  • Shore plug
  • Solar panels
  • Steering wheel
  • Electric windlass
  • Davits
  • Swimming lader
  • Outside shower
  • Cockpit table
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Black water tank
  • Watermaker
  • Water group
  • Hot water

6 500 € / week


Du 20/04/24 au 31/05/24 8 550 €
Du 01/06/24 au 04/10/24 6 500 €
Du 05/10/24 au 15/12/24 9 000 €
Du 05/10/24 au 15/12/24 9 000 €
Du 16/12/24 au 05/01/25 13 000 €
Deposit 8 000 €
Refundable deposit 1 500 €
from weekly price
1 day55%
2 days65%
3 days70%
4 days80%
5 days85%
6 days90%
Starting base

Useful informations

Marina Eden Island
Po box 811 Victoria

+33 (0)2 97 84 61 61

To contact

  • 100€/jour/p. : Nights at the SAILOE pontoon, a charcoal barbecue, dinghy & outboard engine, a set of sheet and towels/pers, a snorkeling set and a fishing rod.
  • Cleaning mandatory option : 220 €
  • Skipper : 155€/day + damage waiver
  • Skipper/cook for 4 paxs maximum (+food) : 205€/day
  • Cook : 135€/day
  • SUP Paddle : 125€/week
  • Full board 1 - 3 pax : 60€/day/pax
  • Transfers from the airport/to the base : on request
  • Full board 4 - 6 pax : 100€/day/pax
  • Full board 7 - 10 pax : 150€/day/pax
  • Fishing equipment : 100€/week
  • Child safety net : 150€/charter

Travelers experiences

Satisfying purchase of our Mahé 36! Great support from the entire Sailoe team.

Nov 2, 2018

For a first boat purchase, we congratulate ourselves on our choice. The catamaran was delivered on time, with the ordered equipment and services. The team, both in France and in the Seychelles, handled our project perfectly, and the Seychelles are truly a paradise.

Apr 28, 2019

New boats and new owner!
There have been some changes, new catamarans, Lagoon has at its disposal, a young and dynamic team! discreet and professional crew! super cruising

Nov 9, 2018

Very happy with my acquisition of a Lagoon 42 with the assistance of Marine Cat and ACV.
Lagoon 42 BINGO

Jan 28, 2021

Great family stay in the Seychelles
Cruise with skipper-cook with 4 people on a Lagoon 380 . A very pleasant stay thanks to the skipper-cook who not only made us discover his country but also the best dishes of the Seychelles.
A delight!

Aug 15, 2019

The highlight of our cruise in the Seychelles was undoubtedly the encounter with the manta rays. Their impressive wingspan and elegance in the water were simply breathtaking. We were also fortunate to see sea turtles basking on the white sand beaches. The multicolored corals and schools of tropical fish added a touch of beauty to every dive we did. I highly recommend this experience to all nature and marine life enthusiasts.

Mar 4, 2023

Thank you for this catamaran purchase.
We are delighted with the boat prepared by SAILOE.

Jun 7, 2018

I am delighted with my investment in a brand new Lagoon 380 under rental management with Sailoé Seychelles.

Sailoé Seychelles has provided me with an excellent investment opportunity by allowing me to put my boat under rental management. Their professional and experienced team has taken care of all aspects related to the rental, from promotion to reservation management and boat maintenance.

In addition to benefiting from passive income through my boat's rentals, I can also enjoy personal sailing periods to explore the stunning waters of the Seychelles. The Lagoon 380 is an ideal choice for these waters, offering comfort, stability, and ample space.

Sailoé Seychelles ensured that my boat was well-maintained and ready to welcome renters, providing me with peace of mind. Their team has been professional, responsive, and attentive to my needs as an owner.

By investing in a Lagoon 380 under rental management with Sailoé Seychelles, I have not only acquired an excellent boat but also enjoyed the advantages of additional income while exploring the paradise waters of the Seychelles.

I am fully satisfied with my investment and highly recommend Sailoé Seychelles to anyone considering rental management for their boat.

Nov 16, 2018

I am very satisfied with the service for my Lagoon 42 rental in the Seychelles.

The Lagoon 42 rental with Sailoé Seychelles went excellently. The Sailoé Seychelles team was professional, friendly, and helpful from the beginning of the booking until the end of the rental.

The Lagoon 42 itself was in perfect condition, well-maintained, and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable sailing experience. The interior spaces were spacious and well-designed, providing comfortable accommodation for our group.

Sailing in the Seychelles was an incredible experience. The crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning landscapes created an idyllic setting for our cruise. The Lagoon 42 was perfectly suited for this destination, offering great stability and smooth navigation.

The Sailoé Seychelles team ensured that we had all the necessary information before our departure and provided valuable advice on the best places to visit and activities to do in the Seychelles. Their local knowledge and availability contributed to making our rental experience even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Sailoé Seychelles for renting a Lagoon 42 in the Seychelles. Their service was excellent, offering quality, well-maintained boats and an exceptional destination.

Feb 17, 2020

Perfect holidays with family

The whole booking, reception and boat was great. Our experience could not been better!

Feb 22, 2019

Our cruise in the Seychelles was amazing! We were fortunate to swim with majestic manta rays. Their graceful movements in the water were breathtaking. The giant turtles were also a sight not to be missed. We swam alongside them and were able to observe them up close. The crystal-clear waters were teeming with colorful fish, making our experience even more magical.

Mar 10, 2023

Great boat for two. The service as well was excellent. Would use the company again

Mar 22, 2020

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