About Britanny

Meet your destination, Britanny!

Brittany is one of the few French areas to have a full and original country-style identity. Composed with a wonderful diversity, as much as its landscapes  than its locals, it is a melting-pot of cultures, traditions and above all a unique history. Discover an attractive and magnetic place!


A strong maritime identity:                                                                                                                                                                   

Brittany coastline represents one third of French one, and there is no village in Brittany wich is more than 80 km from the sea. You can explore the landscape through 30,000 km of rivers and streams as well as 2730 km of coastline. Its landscapes underline both maritime and landing aspect  such as dunes, cliffs, moors, bogs and forests. Brittany covers 27,209 km² which represents 5% of the national territory.

The 12 Brittany islands look more beautiful from one to another.

Supported with a competent and passionate technical team, our base managers, Yann and Pierre, welcome you all year round.


How to get there: 

Lorient is less than 3 hours from Paris by High Speed Train and less than 1 hour by plane.                                                             

By car, Paris and Bordeaux are 5 hours away and Nantes is 1h45.


On the marina:                                                                                                                                                                                      Harbour master's office is open every day from 8.30am to 6pm (7pm in High season).                                                                     

Our pier is  J one, just below the harbour master's office, secured with a code.                                                                                 

Cosy bars and restaurants such as L’optimist, Le Tour du Monde and La Villa Margaret are open every day.

In July and August, a “baguette”and “viennoiserie” bakery  is open in the morning, just above the pier.