The destination

Meet your destination, Caribbean !  


Our fleet offers you LAGOON catamarans.                                     

One of the most recent fleets in the Caribbean !        


Le Marin (Martinique) and Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) are the perfect starting-points to sail and discover the jewel of Caribbeans.                                                                                                

Our bases are located 30 minutes from the international airports.                                                                                 

Just a short walk away from your boat, you’ll easily find every facilities for provisionning.                                

Supported with a competent and passionate technical team,our base managers welcome you all year round.                                                                                         

Because your holidays should be unforgettable, with Sailoe, we do not skimp on quality and service:

- Bedding included: a complete set of linen is available in each cabin. 

We guarantee fully cleaned catamarans, bedding washed at 90°C, to offer you a very safe and sanitary world. 

- Dinghy and outboard engine included

- Fins, masks and snorkels: 4 complete sets included

- Paddle : 15€ per day

- Kayak : 100€ per cruise

- Charcoal barbecue: 25€ per cruise

- Fishing rod : 100€ per cruise

- Skipper: 220€ per day + food

- Hostess: 190€ per day + food

- Provisioning on request

- Airport transfer on request

In short, the assurance of a perfectly equipped boat!